You have received a Court Summons as you have not paid in accordance with the previous Reminder or Final Notice issued to you.

Payment of the summons can be made using any of the methods detailed on the back of your summons.

If you pay the full amount shown on the summons, including summons costs, before the court date you will not incur additional costs and no further recovery action will be taken against you.

Please allow at least five working days for post office payments to reach us or four days for other payment methods.

Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to extend the payment of the full debt over a longer period. Any arrangement must be by agreement with us.

If you are unable to pay the balance in full, prior to the court hearing date, we can offer you an arrangement to pay over a number of instalments but this will incur further costs, payable by you.

Please do not ignore this summons, as this will lead to further action being taken against you and further costs being added to the amount you owe.

If you are not able to pay this amount in full, but would like to make an arrangement to clear the amount before the end of the financial year (end of March), please select one of the links below.

You will not need to attend court. We will write to you to confirm your arrangement within 10 working days; please do not contact us during this time.

If you are not able to clear this amount before the end of the financial year, please contact our Recovery Team on 020 8379 4972, or via e-mail:

In receipt of Income support or Job seekers allowance
Income is from another source
You have no income and are being supported by another person Back


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